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Can herbal medicine treatment relieve UTI? Herbal medicine treatment uses herbs, acupuncture, balancing the diet and martial arts such as Tai Chi, it is highly effective if you do it right.

People ask their urologist if they should take long term antibiotics continually or herbal medicine treatment. For example, a patient was told by urologist that she have something called cystitis cystica. The advice to her general practitioner is long term antibiotics, but what she confirms is not helping. She feel that she is caught between a rock and a hard place, desperate to get rid of these debilitating infections but anxious about side effects of long term antibiotics. She do not have burning or pain or need to urinate frequently but she is still not healed. Should she take long term antibiotics?

Worse some patients had clostridium difficile before, for them with an infection being a high risk they can not just go straight on antibiotics until they are 100% sure it is necessary, otherwise, antibiotics will risk it coming back again. When the disease started getting worsening, you will not just feel pain, plus there is actually blood on the toilet paper after you empty your bladder, the worse the infection, the more blood can appear. They begin to worry whether the infection has already reached their kidneys. It is better to take the proper action than risk permanent injury to your kidneys or be misdiagnosed altogether. We all know it sucks to be sick, especially when it feels like a particular problem will never end.

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Also, the big difference between herbal medicine treatment and western medicine is the former highly values herbs/tonics that take time to work so they work slowly and have few side effects, where as western medicine uses powerful chemicals with loads of side effects. If you get hurt in an accident or have a nasty bacterial infection; western medicine works, but if you have a degenerative disease, auto immune conditions, or want to basically get rid of your disease like UTI, use TCM. Western medicine fails with these big-time. Also, TCM, like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill can actually reverse conditions where as western medicine just controls symptoms. You do not worry about the negative effect of herbal medicine treatment.

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